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Enhancing Security Camera Capabilities With A Computer

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As with many technical products, security cameras have been enhanced with the advancement in computers and the internet. High definition video, faster data cables and bigger hard drives have paved the way for detailed footage with lots of room for saving a lot more evidence. Take a look at what security cameras can do in the modern era, and how you can do more with a bit of customization on your computer of choice. 

What Can A Security Camera Do With A Computer?

Modern security cameras come with a recording device, which is similar to the Digital Video Recorder (DVR) devices that can record television shows onto disks. As the DVR technology becomes older, the recorder has become something even more capable of recording--a slim computer with a hard drive and the single purpose of recording/playback.

The benefit of this single-use device is that it's harder to tamper with while not showing evidence. It's possible to add an edited disk or drive, but the evidence of tampering becomes obvious with computer forensics professionals involved. A desktop or laptop computer can perform some of the same functions if you want the security camera with more control.

Security cameras often use one of three connectors, or all three of the major standards as an option. The AV cable setup uses colored prongs, the DVI standard is used for high-definition (HD) computer video, and the HDMI standard is what's known for standard HD television. 

In the event that your security camera doesn't use any of these connectors, a security camera specialist can suggest an adapter to make the camera fit a different standard or suggest a more standardized security camera model. Most modern computers have the DVI standard available, but you can have a video card installed to give HDMI, DVI and other standards along with better video performance.

Once connected, the security camera can be used as an input device, just like a keyboard, mouse, or the more closely related webcam. The camera's video displays on programs that accept video feedback, and you'll be able to record the security footage on an easy-to-access computer.

Since it's easier to access, it's also easier to manipulate. If you ever plan on using any security camera footage as evidence, make sure to never edit the original file. Make a copy of it and perform any editing that you may need, but don't touch the original file even if it's for clarity. 

What Can Be Done With The Video Files?

Keeping the editing rules in mind, you can utilize your security cameras for a lot more than watching your yard and area security. If you want your evidence to reach more people, you could upload the videos to internet video sites such as YouTube or uStream. The videos can even be live, and the performance depends on your internet's upload speed (the speed of sending files from your computer to the internet, which is the opposite of downloading).

Sites such as EarthCam can deliver public area views, nature scenes and other interesting videos that you could join. If there's a nice stream, river or beach nearby, your camera could build some popularity. If there's animals nearby, your security can double as a way for people to get a nice look at life in the natural world.

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