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Is It A Cat Burglar Or Just The Cat? Home Security Systems In Pet-Friendly Houses

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Cats are a popular housemate, but they are not the easiest animal to have around when a security system is installed. Many homeowners have been plagued with the issue of how to prevent their feline friends from triggering false alarms. It is possible to have a protected home and a cat at the same time, but it will take some extra effort to accomplish this feat. 

The Problem With Cats

  • Basic, inexpensive motion sensors are usually not feasible in homes with any pets. Any movement causes these types of sensors to trigger an alarm.
  • Infrared motion sensors are better for cat owners because the sensors require a significant change in the heat level before the alarm is triggered. However, homes with multiple cats, larger cats, or climbing cats getting too close to the sensors can be enough to cause the alarm to sound. 
  • Pet-immune sensors are advertised as being unable to sense smaller animals, but are still susceptible to false alarms if multiple cats are together in the room. 
  • Suggestions such as directing the sensor higher in the room may work to keep them over the head of dogs, but this is not possible with cats. Nearly every cat will climb around the home. They sit in windows, climb to the top of bookcases, scale curtains and doors. Even if the cat is especially well-behaved, they will still often sit on tables or the back of the sofa. Raising a sensor to monitor only above this level will make it very easy for a burglar to sneak through undetected. 

The Options to Try

  • Consider corralling cats to an area of the home that is not monitored when the system is in use. If only the first level of the home is protected, keep them upstairs or set up a comfortable cat room in the garage or basement for day use. 
  • Use only sensors that detect when a door or window has been opened, rather than using motion sensors.
  • Have the alarm set to silent to prevent a false alarm from startling neighbors. The homeowner can have a notice sent to them when this occurs and can connect to their surveillance cameras to determine if the police should be called. 

Luckily, cats will not disturb or cause false alarms with other protective systems like carbon monoxide, fire or flood detectors. With a little effort the alarm system can be adjusted to make it easier to use with cats, but help from a security company may be needed to make certain the home has the desired level of protection. Be prepared for a few false notices before the appropriate tweaks are made to customize it around a pet's habits and behavior. Contact a business, such as the Atlas Alarm Corporation, for more information.