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Take The Target Off Your Back: Ways To Prevent Your Small Business From Being Burglarized

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Small and home-based businesses are facing a new challenge in regards to security; these are fast-becoming the latest targets of theft and burglary. You may think that your small, self-run business is safe from the risks of being burglarized or robbed, but you are wrong. Adopt some strategies and change habits that could be putting a target on your business' back.

Look for things left behind. Many resourceful intruders first stake-out the business that they plan to target by leaving trash, goods, or other items in plain sight. This 'marks' the business for burglars and intruders to return to later on and hit the targeted home or business. It is best to get rid of these objects and report your suspicion to the police.

Don't leave it up to the dogs. Dogs are a great deterrent, but will they really prevent an intruder from accessing your work-space? Burglars are adept at winning over dogs with food, and you should never risk the dog's well-being by leaving them outside as a means of securing your property.

Some intruders look for signs of cats. When you have a cat on the premises, there is a fairly good chance that you leave a window or door open for the pet. Intruders know this, so be sure to conceal signs that you have a pet and keep your place locked up tight.

Update your current security systems. Talk with an expert about the best commercial security systems for your small or home-based business; it really is well-worth the investment in the long run. Don't rely on a locked door or video camera to protect your property. Be sure that your property is being monitored and kept safe when you are not there. Contact a company like A Tech / Easy Living Store to learn more.

Watch what you put out there. Be wary of what messages, posts, and info alluding to your being away or closed is being put on answering machines, social media, and your business website. Also, watch what you throw away. Burglars are not above diving in your dumpster or trash to find pertinent information and documents to use in illicit ways.

Learn to spot a scout. It is not uncommon for predators to use a scout to assess potential targets to burglarize later on. This could be people that you don't expect and that you don't know that well, like cleaning people, landscapers, or even new hires. These folks often are paid to look around for ways to break in as well as where you could be keeping valuables, though they may not actually be the ones committing the burglary.

Make sure that your security systems are upgraded and enhanced to accommodate your business, even if it is a small, home-based operation. Start looking for signs that someone has been scouting or is targeting your business for a burglary, and contact the authorities. Prevent theft or intrusion and protect your thriving business with these simple safety tips.