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How Safe Is Your Home? 4 Ways Your Kids Could Be Undermining Your Home Security

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You have put a lot of research, time, and money into your home's security system, and you trust that it will keep you safe and out of harm's way. You also check it from time to time just to make sure it's working properly and doing a great job. And it is! Your security system is doing a phenomenal job. But are your children unknowingly undermining your home security system's effectiveness? They might be. Following are four ways that your children might be jeopardizing the safety of your home without even realizing it. 

Social Media Posts

Children and teenagers are social media nuts. They post everything, including pictures of their new gaming system and family vacation itineraries. They don't even think twice about it. Unfortunately, thieves may be browsing your child's social media posts to decide what time to strike. A "friend" who is not even thinking about stealing from you might also get an unsavory idea after seeing that your child has a gadget they so desperately want. While you can't keep your children off social media, you can teach them that they shouldn't post certain information. 

Alarm Equipment Mistakes

Your alarm only works when it's on. If your children leave home and forget to set the system, it's pretty much useless. They might also make mistakes while trying to set the alarm too quickly, triggering a false alarm. Make sure that your children know how to set the alarm properly and monitor them closely to make sure they're not forgetting. 

Door Etiquette Oversights

An alarm is not going to protect your family if your children let strangers in the door. Be sure to teach your children about how to answer the door or not answer the door when you're not home. Teach them to not let anyone know they are home alone and not to answer the door for anyone they don't know. 

Poor Bedtime Rituals

Bikes and sporting equipment that have been carelessly thrown in the garage can prevent the garage door from closing, leaving your home open overnight. Similarly, windows that are left open are the perfect invitation for burglars. Make sure that your children are cleaning up their things as well as shutting doors and windows properly before bedtime. 

There are several ways that your children can undermine your home's security system. Make sure that they understand how dangerous the things that they do without thinking really are.  To learn more, contact a security system company like Hook Line & Cable Securities