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Burglar-Proof A Garage To Prevent Break-Ins And Theft

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A responsible homeowner may be willing to make necessary investments to be sure a home is safe. The average garage, however, is frequently overlooked. Yes, criminals may target a garage since the interior is likely filled valuable items. Tools, for example, are easy to run off with and can be sold for quick cash. So common are garage break-ins in Tennessee that the Bartlett police department had to issue a notice telling the public to make sure garage doors stay locked. Taking a few other security steps will surely reduce the chances a burglar absconds with belongings stored in a garage.

Preventive Entry Measures

The best way to deal with a burglar is to make sure entry is never gained. A few tried and true security measures may be able to keep crooks and intruders out of a garage.

  • Padlock the Garage Door

Closing and locking the using the factory-installed locking device may not be enough, since a skilled burglar might pick the exterior lock. Adding another layer of security could foil the crook. Installing a special interior latch and padlock definitely makes it harder for someone to forcibly open a garage door.

  • Place Grating on Side Door Glass

A garage that is not connected to the house will have a side door accessible to anyone on the property. Older homes may still have doors with sections made with glass paneling. While decorative, glass panels are easy to cut and break. Affixing metal security grating over the glass definitely helps make it harder to enter the property. Use grating with small holes and not wide bars. With wide bars, someone can still break the glass, reach through the gaps, and unlock the door. Hands should not be able to fit through and touch or reach beyond the glass at all.

  • Repair the Roof

A roof that has rotted sections might be ignored by homeowners due to a lack of concern about water leaking into the garage. A thief who notices telltale signs of decay could tear out some of the boards and breach entry through the roof. Criminals are known to cut through roofs to rob retail stores. There is no reason why a dedicated thief wouldn't do the same to a garage.

All of these preventive steps are going to be helpful, but there is still no guarantee the burglar won't get through. So, further steps have to be taken.

Institute Interior Security

Adding layers of interior security, such as motion detector lights and an alarm system, would be a wise move. The alarm should be connected to all doors in the garage. A skilled burglar may find a way into the garage, but a shrill alarm system is sure to chase the crook away.