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What Types Of Office Fire Suppression Products Are Available?

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While you may hope that you never have to deal with an office fire, the reality is that it's certainly something to think about for building managers. There are a number of fire suppression systems available for office designers that can protect you from different elements of fire hazards. 


The first thing to know is that physical suppression methods are an extremely effective method of controlling a fire. They essentially can stop a fire dead in its tracks before it goes on to consume another part of your office. Adding firewalls to an existing building may be more difficult, but there is certainly fire insulation that can be installed gradually without disrupting your office too much. 

Fire Sprinklers

First sprinklers come in many forms other than the traditional water-based sprinklers you may be used to. You could opt for sprinklers that release gas or pressurized air instead. There are also sprinklers that release a mist to protect electrical equipment such as computers and servers. And many of these sprinkler options can be recessed into your ceiling so that they are only visible when they are being used. 

Fire Extinguishers

A fire extinguisher is an important part of office fire protection because it's something that your employees can take action on. When you choose a fire extinguisher system, make sure that you let all of your employees know where the nearest location for fire extinguishers is. Also make it known that it's better to open the fire extinguisher case too early and have it be a false alarm than to wait too long. If you empower your employees to take control of small fires, you might be able to avoid a lot of additional damage and injuries. 

Alarm Systems

Alarms can be a great tool for building managers. The alarm system might let you know when a high heat or smoke level is present in your building. If you hook your alarms up to the fire sprinklers, they may act as an immediate fire relief system. 

Which Do You Need?

With all of these options, you may be left wondering what types of fire suppression you need to form an adequate system. The answer depends on many things, including your building occupancy, the types of materials you work with, and any special needs, such as data protection. The best thing to do is speak with a fire suppression systems specialist who can help you develop a system that is appropriate for your office setting. Contact a company like Alexander Gow Fire Equipment Company to get started.