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Five Items You Need For Smart Home Automation To Be Complete

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Smart home automation is quickly becoming the norm in households across the country. If you are not entirely familiar with home automation products, it might be a good idea to brush up on these items coming your way. It will help you decide if you want a fully automated home as well.

Center Hub AI

A center hub artificial intelligence unit is the main internet-connected device through which all other home automation products are connected. Just to get started on home automation, you have to select the company that will provide your center hub AI. Then you have to purchase all related products that will function with the brand of center hub you purchased. You cannot mix brands and expect the entire household system to work together!

Hub Disks and Dots

Depending on which AI system you choose, you will have "sub-hubs" to go with the center hub. They are usually in the form of disks or dots, but some systems also use boxes or squares. Purchase a sub-hub piece of equipment for each floor of your house, and one or two extra, since voice reception on these items is limited to a certain distance. Placing the sub-hubs will help the main system's AI recognize what you said and respond accordingly.

Smart Thermostat

Next, purchase a smart thermostat. These systems self-adjust according to temperatures and weather predictions gleaned from internet sources. They, too, respond to the sound of your voice and requests to cool or heat your home to a specific temperature. You can even control them through an app on your phone, if your phone is part of the same system.

Smart TV

Smart TVs are TVs that connect to your center hub AI and your internet connection. They allow you stream programs and movies from various entertainment apps. Certain smart TVs also work with certain home automation systems. The best part is being able to use just your voice to control the TV, which is a big help every time your universal remote disappears.

Security System

Finally, a very good product to have in conjunction with your entire home automation basic products line is a good security system. This system monitors every square inch of your house 24/7. You can activate and deactivate the system with voice commands. You can ask where your family members are, and the system will tell you what rooms are currently occupied by "x" number of people. Connected to your center hub AI, it can also alert police and emergency services on command.