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4 Reasons Why Door Fob Entry Systems Are Preferable Than Lock and Key Systems

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Today, almost every industrial, residential, or commercial business is adopting fob entry security systems. The conventional door locking system is almost getting phased out because of the many security loopholes it offers. Many crafty individuals can now quickly gain access to conventional systems using cheap tools and techniques that allow for easy door manipulation.

However, this has led to technological inventions that require a coded approach. But once again, codes can be shared among systems, manipulated, and altered, which puts your company's security at risk. Fobs, on the other hand, hold every staff accountable in any case of a security breach. There are many benefits associated with key fobs. Read on to learn more.

Heightened Security Levels

The highest priority for any company is ensuring the security and safety of the business are kept intact. Making sure that your business premises and equipment are safe is a top priority. Sensitive information and data are kept secure with an extra layer of protection that fob access control systems offer. A reliable door fob entry system incorporates other technologies to ensure maximum security is guaranteed on your premises or business. 

Selective Entry

The fob access control system will help you gain complete control over your staff's entry permissions. This system is fully customizable, which means single fobs can be customized to offer specific access to certain areas at given times, which helps deal with extensive operations.

This approach to security will help you boost system efficiency and grant access to authorized individuals only. That's useful for facilities shared by multiple businesses and situations where the proper door access is required.


Another unique advantage of a keyless access control system is that it automatically generates entrants' records in the security system, who've had access to the premises. Through this critical information, you can determine people gaining access to particular sections of the facility. Besides, it can assist with holding employees accountable should there be any damages or loss of property. Furthermore, it helps business owners to locate staff members should an emergency arise quickly.


Door fob access control can integrate well with other security types, such as intrusion alarms, surveillance systems, and other forms of security systems. A system's ability to integrate with multiple applications defines the system's capacity to offer the best protection levels. Besides, it's the most intricate system for intruders to overcome, which is the preferable system for any security-minded business.

To learn more, visit a key fob security system supplier.