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Why Fire Alarm Systems Are So Critical In Your Commercial Building

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Any commercial building that houses people, equipment, or materials needs a fire alarm system. A commercial fire alarm installation is not complicated. When you hire a contractor that specializes in this work, an effective system can be installed that not only alerts you to a fire but will actively suppress it until responders arrive.

Heat And Smoke Sensors

Commercial fire alarm installations often start with heat and smoke sensors throughout your building that will sense the presence of smoke and effectively monitor the temperature of the area around the sensor head. The parameters used for both can be selected when buying the heads and can be relevant to the location they are being used in. 

If you need to put sensor heads in a shop or manufacturing facility, you may need specific sensor ranges to ensure that the environment does not cause the sensors to send an alarm incorrectly. In some cases, only one type of sensor will be useable in specific areas. The commercial fire alarm installation company can help you select the right components for your system that will work without false alarms.

Water Flow Alarms

Commercial fire alarm installation services can integrate water flow alarms into your sprinkle system and alarm system that will send an alert if water flow from a sprinkler or pipe break occurs. The alarm will go off even if there is minimal smoke or heat. This can be important if you have a remote area of your building with a sprinkle head that does not have other sensors because of excessive heat or dust that good set them off. 

If a fire breaks out and the sprinkle head opens, it could be the only alert you get to the fire. Additionally, if a sprinkle head is damaged or broken, the alarm will alert you so you can shut the water off before too much damage occurs in the area where the water is leaking.

Zoned Alarm Systems

When working with a contractor on a commercial fire alarm installation in a large building, it is good to build the system in zones that cover sections of the structure. The zones will make it easier for responders to determine where the issue is and reduce the time it takes to locate the fire or other condition causing the alarm to trip.

All of the sensors can be zones to tell where a flow alarm is coming in from, which smoke head has tripped, or if a heat sensor is active in a specific part of the building. Most alarm system installers will recommend this method even for houses and small buildings because it is far more efficient, but discuss the details with your installer to decide what is best for your situation. 

For more information on commercial fire alarm installation, contact a company near you.