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3 Reasons To Have A Web-Based Access Control System In Your Rental Property

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As an apartment owner or manager, one of your top priorities is providing secure premises for your tenants. Once you put the proper security measures in place, you will attract more potential tenants willing to pay for the security advantage. A great way to enhance security in your rental property is by installing a web-based access control system. Here are how these access control systems can benefit you and your tenants.

1. Say Goodbye to Constant Lock Changes

Anytime a tenant moves out, they need to return the keys, which are then passed on to the new tenant moving in. Unfortunately, some tenants may leave without returning their keys, and even if they do, you cannot tell if they distributed copies to their loved ones. For this reason, you must upgrade the lock systems or rekey the doors every time someone moves out of their apartment to keep the new renter safe.

However, the costs of rekeying and changing your locks can quickly add up. Luckily, you can reduce such financial stress by installing a web-based access control system. With these systems, you can easily change access codes or revoke permissions from a certain card on your phone and don't have to pay for new locks.

2. Allow Self-Guided Tours for Prospective Residents

Nothing is as frustrating as failing to make it to an apartment tour meeting with potential residents on time. Such situations can make potential tenants not rent the unit. However, with an access control solution, you can allow these prospects to take a self-tour of the property even when you are unavailable. All you have to do is give the visitors a temporary pin to the various amenities available. Such self-guided tours allow the prospects to get a feel of the building like they were residents, increasing their chances of settling for the apartment.

3. Let in Contractors and Staff Remotely

Effective access control systems are integrated with security cameras. As a result, tenants can always see who is at their door before allowing entry. This feature can also come in handy when contractors and housekeepers need to access the house when the tenants are at work. The tenants can use their phones to find out who is at their door and allow entry. That way, the contractors don't have to wait until the resident arrives to do their work.

Web-based access control can offer numerous benefits for your rental property. With these advanced security systems, you can allow self-guided tours for your prospects, eliminate the costs of rekeying or changing your locks, and allow remote entry for workers and contractors. So, if you are still using the traditional locks in your building, get a professional to install web-based card access control system for your building.